Quick Tips for Christian Ministry (QT4CM)

The Christian Ministry Academy is a peer knowledge sharing initiative presenting quick pragmatic insights and best pr...

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MailChimp Tutorials

Whether you are a missionary or are on the leadership team of a church or a ministry, you need an email marketing ser...

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DCI School of Discipleship

Be an awesome Disciple-Maker and learn to lead your community ! Get over 15 hours of insightful video and audio coa...

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Become an excellent expository preacher

Preach to Teach and leave them wanting more ! Eight hours of insightful video coaching with downloadable guides on ...

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Journey to Refreshment

Dr. Lyndon Wall of Refresh Ministries guides a journey to refreshment for pastors and Christian ministry workers.

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What Makes a Flourishing Congregation?

Dr. Joel Thiessen is a sociologist of religion and Director of the Flourishing Congregations Institute at A...

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Nex-Gen Leaders

Be an effective Christian Ministry Leader. Stan Belyshev is a business coach and former youth minister.  He pro...

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