How to Grow Donor Relationships

fundraising Jan 24, 2019

Repeat The Rhythm

Each step of the Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat system is about building deep relationships with your donors. Relationships grow stronger through repetition.

In this session by our friends at, you'll learn how to learn from each rhythm and repeat it in a way that deepens the relationship. They also talk through the value of annual plans to be able to repeat sustainably.

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How to REPORT back to your donors

fundraising Jan 23, 2019

Report Back Your Donors' Impact

Every donor wants to make an impact. Some want to transform the life of a child in need. Others want to support a cause in their community. No matter their motivation, they want their gift to be effective.

Our friends at will show you how to Report back about the impact of a donor's gift in a concrete and meaningful way.


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How to THANK your donors

fundraising Jan 22, 2019

Thank Donors Quickly And Emotionally

Your donors deserve to be thanked. They're opening up their hearts and wallets to make your mission possible. Your gratitude shows them that they've made the right choice.

Our friends at teach how to effectively Thank donors, how often to Thank them, and how to Thank them in a way that leads to more donations.

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When to Ask, how often to Ask, and the best ways to Ask

fundraising Jan 21, 2019

It Starts With The Ask

You can't raise money without asking. This video by our friends at explains when to Ask, how often to Ask, and the best ways to Ask.

You'll learn about more than just asking for money. Discover how to invite your donors to solve the problem your organization is working on. You're giving your donor the chance to be the solution - to be a hero! That's powerful.

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Principles for better fundraising

fundraising Jan 20, 2019

Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat Fundamentals

Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat is a fundraising system that increases revenue and deepens your relationship with your donors.

Our friends at developed it by studying the fundraising results from hundreds of organizations to see what works and what doesn't. It's effective because it's based on a clear understanding of what’s really happening when a donor gives a gift.

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Free sets of Bible story images for teaching

children's ministry Dec 21, 2018


Need free images of Bible stories for your Sunday school, church, classroom or family? 

Get access to over 760 sets of Bible story scenes for you to view, project or download.

Go to the freebibleimages web site:

This is a free service provided by Marian van der Kruijt, a Christian designer from the Netherlands, and a band of dedicated supporters in the United Kingdom.

They are also on Facebook:


[Thanks to Allan Bouwers of the Bible League for bringing this wonderful resource to our attention!]

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The Art of Creating Ownership in Missions Mobilization

ministry missions Nov 17, 2018

It is important for missions mobilizers to grow in the art of creating ownership. Most leaders/mobilizers are leading from influence and not position. And most mobilizers are primarily inspiring and motivating fellow volunteers. Ultimately we do not want people going to the nations because we told them to but because they know that Jesus is worthy.



— Bevin Ginder co-founder of GlobalCAST Resources who loves to connect, equip, and coach missions leaders, mobilizers, and advocates.

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Generosity Changes Everything

fundraising Nov 09, 2018

Heather Tuininga speaks on the joy of generosity: 



Heather Tuininga enjoys working with people, families, and organizations to strategically align their giving and activities to achieve the impact and outcomes they envision.

For the past seventeen years, Heather has helped people and organizations flourish financially. Her roles have included philanthropic advisor to many families, executive director of a private family foundation, program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and fiscal analyst for the Washington state legislature. A native of Washington state, Heather holds a masters degree in Public Policy from Duke University and a BA in Political Science and Economics from Central Washington University, where she was a Presidential Scholar.

Heather is committed to strategic philanthropy and helping people “move the needle” on issues they care about while experiencing the joy of giving. In addition, she loves the challenge of...

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Done For You Facebook and Twitter Content To Build Engagement

fremium Sep 12, 2018

Would you like our helping hand to provide daily posts to your Facebook page and Twitter account? 

Is your Facebook page getting the engagement you want? Are your time constraints making it difficult to create and post good content?  


We can help you save time and effort by automagically providing two posts a day to your Facebook page and also to your Twitter account.



1. In the morning we will post a shared image and text meme that has already shown proven engagement performance on a similar page similar to this:



2. In the evening we will post a text status update that includes a Bible verse or quote from a Christian leader similar to this:


And, that is not all...

3. Bonus — we will create an original image or short video post for you each month with your logo. You provide the text and we source royalty-free images or video.

Check out the Quick Tips for Christian Ministry Facebook page to see an example of...

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