QT4CM Episode 18

inspirational Jan 14, 2017

It’s hard to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit amidst the busyness of Christian mission work and our natural inclination to do things our own way. In his latest novel "Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit" author Patrick Day suggests one way to tune into the Holy Spirit to have more of God in our lives more of the time.

"How does a Christian worker stay tuned to the Holy Spirit amidst the mundane things we have to do in our ministry work; that is, those things that don’t have an overt spiritual objective?"

From time to time we will be bringing you these special episodes with "Christian Creatives", such as musicians, authors, poets, and other artists who create as a ministry. Click the green play button to listen:

  Patrick Day is a born-again Christian of 35 years, a former church elder and Sunday School teacher, president of a regional Gideon camp, engaged in prison ministry and discipling and mentoring inmates who have moved on, and an author of...

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