Done For You Facebook and Twitter Content To Build Engagement

fremium Sep 12, 2018

Would you like our helping hand to provide daily posts to your Facebook page and Twitter account? 

Is your Facebook page getting the engagement you want? Are your time constraints making it difficult to create and post good content?  


We can help you save time and effort by automagically providing two posts a day to your Facebook page and also to your Twitter account.



1. In the morning we will post a shared image and text meme that has already shown proven engagement performance on a similar page similar to this:



2. In the evening we will post a text status update that includes a Bible verse or quote from a Christian leader similar to this:


And, that is not all...

3. Bonus — we will create an original image or short video post for you each month with your logo. You provide the text and we source royalty-free images or video.

Check out the Quick Tips for Christian Ministry Facebook page to see an example of...

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