QT4CM Episode 09

qt4cm team-building Dec 01, 2016

Organizational Coach Dr. Ken Thiessen responds to a ministry worker in Southern Africa about team conflict.

She asks:

We have some communication and conflict problems on our ministry team. I feel very isolated and don’t know how to deal with this. Please… could you have your podcast give some regular tips for team conflict resolution. And how to deal with a team leader who doesn’t bring out the best in us? Click the green play button to listen to Dr. Ken Thiessen.


Dr. Ken Thiessen has a 30 year track record of leading, consulting, and coaching organizations to realize their imagined future.

Church leadership teams will benefit from the resources on his Anxious Congregations website.

Dr. Ken Thiessen came into ministry after a very successful sales career.  He spent 20 years in pastoral ministry before transitioning into a denominational leadership role for 5 years.  During his time as a pastor he served small town and city churches....

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