QT4CM Episode 01

qt4cm Nov 08, 2016

This introductory episode of the Quick Tips for Christian Ministry podcast which provides background to our intent and the desire to give value to our audience.

The QT4CM podcast is a peer knowledge sharing initiative for personal and professional development of Christian ministry workers.   

This is your place. Your ministry peers will be presenting quick pragmatic insights and best practices to you — that will help solve real problems and constraints you face and that can help you grow your ministry.


If you have a tip or advice you would like to contribute to your peers, we would like to add your voice to the conversation.  Do you know the definition of Maven? That is what you are, and we would love to highlight your expertise on this channel.

We like the Wikipedia definition of Maven. “A maven is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from Hebrew, meaning "one who understands", based on an accumulation of knowledge.”

OK, If this resonates with you and you consider yourself to be a helpful Maven, able and willing to mentor your colleagues in ministry, then we would definitely like to hear from you. Go to the "About Us" menu above and send us a short description of your proposed topic.

But please understand that one thing we won’t be sharing on the QT4CM podcast is polemical talks on theological doctrinal issues. Our global audience is diverse and we don’t want to waste your time, or their time in debates. 

And… There are plenty of other web-based learning sites you can tap into for theology discussions. Instead, we’d like to focus our mentoring quick tips on practical ministry issues, such as engaging supporters, effective communications, finding resources, sharing research findings, or practical tools for team-building, or ideas for congregational and ministry growth, self-care and work life balance, just to name a few examples.

What is our publishing schedule for Quick Tips for Christian Ministry? When we have a new podcast episode recorded it will be published on a Tuesday or Thursday.

And… From time to time, we also intend to introduce you to the ministry of “Christian Creatives”: musicians, authors, and other artists who are contributing their skills and talents to inspire and edify Christians around the world.

For example, the music background you  listened to on this first episode is by Christian musician Jeff Johnson and his colleague Brian Dunning of Ark Music.  The piece we featured is called “The Enduring Story” and is from their album by the same name.  Go to the ArkMusic.com site where you can stream selections of their music for free.

“The Enduring Story” from the CD, THE ENDURING STORY by Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning

℗ © 2001 Ark Records, Inc. / ArkMusic / Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)

Used with permission / All Rights Reserved

Purchase or stream it here: http://arkmusic.com/track/the-enduring-story-2

So… that is the background and intent of the Quick Tips for Christian Ministry podcast. We trust you will benefit, in that the QT4CM podcast is a peer knowledge sharing initiative for personal and professional development of Christian ministry workers. Thank you!  



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