QT4CM Episode 20

fundraising Jan 19, 2017

Anna Burns gives us 5 tips to reframe our attitude about fundraising.

She asks the question — "Are you wrecking your fundraising by what you think about fundraising?" It is important to get rid of those negative thoughts and instead focus on what it looks like to be motivated by faith.  When you hear the word "fundraising," what is it that comes into your head? Is it negative? Is it positive? Do you have fear? Do you have anxiety? We need to understand our limiting beliefs and ask the Lord to give us a clear perspective on what fundraising is really about.   Click the green play button to listen: Anna Burns of The Great Commission Foundation gives us five tips to reframe our attitude about fundraising.

  1. Trust God
  2. Learn to Ask
  3. It is Partnership
  4. Make Time
  5. Be Bold.


Anna Burns is with The Great Commission Foundation.

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