QT4CM Episode 29

well-being Mar 16, 2017

Today's question comes from a pastor, and is: "How can I maintain a good rapport with my family when I'm so busy leading this church?"

Our Christian Ministry Maven for this episode is Patricia Jehle, a university instructor in Switzerland and a business coach.  Patricia points out the why and how of making your family a priority when involved in a busy ministry. In this QT4CM episode she outlines a strategic approach for sustainable work life balance:

  • Take time to reflect and assess your personal and professional values.
  • Prioritize "God first, your family second, and your ministry third.
  • Reframe ownership and responsibility for success:  It is God's ministry, not yours.
  • Organize conversations with family and ministry stakeholders to clarify expectations.
  • Proactively set home and work boundaries.
  • Schedule time first for God and family in your daily agenda, then add work tasks.

Click the green play button to listen to Patricia:


Patricia Jehle (pronounced "yay lay") is a part-time lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts  Northwest Switzerland and is also a certified business coach and a spiritual director.  Besides working for InterVarsity USA in the past, she has served as a short term missionary in the Philippines and in Thailand.  Along with several other ministries, she is involved in the leadership of a church plant in her local neighborhood in Switzerland. Sharing the life-giving truth of the Gospel is one of her passions. Patricia Jehle has a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota.   Patricia Jehle can be reached through her: Websites:  www.jehle-coaching.com/     and     www.jehle-coachingexpat.com LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/patricia-jehle-christensen Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jehle.Coaching/ Twitter: @PJehle    



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