QT4CM Episode 31

security well-being Apr 04, 2017

How can ministry workers in the field receive member care for trauma counselling?

Our Christian Ministry Maven for this episode is Patricia Jehle, a university instructor in Switzerland and a business coach. Often the questions of why and how to find member care for overseas ministry workers and missionaries are real and pressing.  Patricia Jehle addresses the issue of critical incident trauma often experienced by ministry workers and how to find help. Patricia points out the why and options for missionary and other ministry workers receiving member care while they serve in remote locations. Our Ministry Maven responds to this listener's request:

"One of our close missionary partner families were brutalized by thieves in their own home several years ago. I had to get them to hospital and then arrange for their evacuation home. Now I can't sleep through the night and constantly have nightmares. I can't seem to focus. My ministry is suffering. I know I'm suffering from emotional trauma.  I'm an independent missionary on a small budget so don't have a big mission organization with counselling support resources. What is your advice? Where can I find low-cost counseling -- perhaps by Skype? "

Click the green play button to listen to Patricia:  

Here are some recommendations for ministry workers to find member care:

Here is the TED talk Patricia mentioned on why reaching out when you are in a stressful state is very good for you (and why it is good to help others out):


 Another preventative and restorative services organization is this one, which is not a faith-based organization, although they list “Spiritual Support".




Patricia Jehle (pronounced "yay lay") is a part-time lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts  Northwest Switzerland and is also a certified business coach and a spiritual director.  Besides working for InterVarsity USA in the past, she has served as a short term missionary in the Philippines and in Thailand.  Along with several other ministries, she is involved in the leadership of a church plant in her local neighborhood in Switzerland. Sharing the life-giving truth of the Gospel is one of her passions. Patricia Jehle has a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota.  

Patricia Jehle can be reached through her:

Websites:  www.jehle-coaching.com/     and     www.jehle-coachingexpat.com 

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/patricia-jehle-christensen 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jehle.Coaching/ 

Twitter: @PJehle    



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