QT4CM Episode 42

resiliency Oct 17, 2017

Part 4 of Cam Taylor's 10 Keys to Thriving When Faced with Ministry Setbacks

We are continuing in our series with Leadership Coach Cam Taylor on successfully managing those detours in life and ministry. We asked Cam to comment on this statement we hear a lot from well-meaning ministry colleagues:  “Some people would say that during a ministry setback, all you need is a little faith to get you through and some God infused optimism!" His topic in this QT4CM episode is:

Embrace tempered optimism, not blind faith.

Optimism alone falls short during times of stress and adversity. Find out a better approach Cam suggests in this QT4CM episode.

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Cam Taylor provides some further thoughts about tempered optimism in this video:



And…There are several ways you can connect with Cam including how to find out about his new book "Detour: A Roadmap For When Life Gets Rerouted."

The best way to access his free material or purchase his book is on his website at www.camtaylor.net.

He has an email course on resiliency, an excerpt of his book to download for free, a journal that goes with the book or the option of signing up for a free exploratory coaching session.


 Cam Taylor is a life and leadership coach,  speaker, facilitator, and author.

He has worked with leaders, teams, and organizations for over 30 years.

Cam spent 21 years as a pastor before transitioning to a career as a coach and consultant. 

He has always enjoyed bringing out the best in people and working with those who are eager to learn and grow.

For more details, case studies, and information about the coaching, training, and facilitation that Cam does, check out his InFocus Leadership Solutions site.

For Cam's resources on Transitional Ministry go to: http://tlm.outreach.ca/

For information on Outreach Canada’s ministry go to: http://www.outreach.ca/  

Cam Taylor can be reached through his:

Website:  https://camtaylor.net/

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/camtaylor/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cam.taylor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cam_taylor  

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